Spelthorne Dementia Support

We support people with dementia and their families in Spelthorne


Dementia is a word for a group of symptoms caused by disorders that affect the brain. It is not a specific disease. People with dementia may not be able to think well enough to do normal activities. They may lose their ability to solve problems. Their personalities may change and they may become easily agitated.



Dementia causes severe emotional and mental disruption and deterioration is progressive.

It is estimated that there are over 44 million people living with dementia around the world.


Both in the elderly and young onset can be difficult for families to come to terms with.

As brain neurons die, mental processes are altered, causing a person to lose cherished life memories, have subtle or severe personality changes, disorientation and a reduced ability to make reasoned judgments affecting day to day function.


Dementia does not “come out of the blue” but has early stages, mid stages and late stages, we have to concentrate on recognizing those “Early stages”.


About Us

We are a small group of local volunteers who make a positive difference to the quality of life of people living with dementia and also their carers and families. We are known as Purple Angel Ambassadors which is a Global organisation.

We began our campaign with the cooperation of shops and supermarkets in Shepperton and then in the whole of Spelthorne. Our charity was started using a generous donation from Karen in the name of her lovely Mum, Patricia, who had passed away.

Our aim is to improve the general understanding of dementia so that local people living with the condition receive sympathetic support from the wider community while still living in their homes.

We would welcome and encourage you to become one of our ambassadors so if you would like more information please contact us info@spelthorne-dementia-support.org.uk

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you need any help or assistance. We are here to support local people and their families.
Either by email to info@spelthorne-dementia-support.org.uk or by telephone to 07895 787579.


Spelthorne Dementia Support is a Registered Charity – Registered Charity Number 1165346